Delight for school after going from ‘requires improvement’ to ‘good’

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Teachers at a primary school have had an extra big smile on their faces as the end of term approaches after receiving a top report from Ofsted inspectors.

The inspectors visited Nassington School in June, and this week released the report, saying the school is ‘good’ in all areas.

Loraine Allen with pupils at the school

Loraine Allen with pupils at the school

At the last inspection, the school had been told it required improvement.

Head teacher Loraine Allen said everyone was thrilled with the report.

She said: “We are all unbelievably proud of the report. It has been a real team effort.

“The school is a big part of the community, and this report belongs to that community - the parents, the children, the staff and the friends of the school.”

Mrs Allen said a lot of work had been put in across the school to make the grade.

She said: “Everybody involved with the school - from governors to teachers and all the staff and parents - have done an awful lot to get the grade.

“People are now looking forward to what we can do in the future. The governors have asked me what we can do to get outstanding. We are now looking to next year - we are never standing still or sitting back.”

The inspectors praised a number of things the school does, but Mrs Allen said: “We are very pleased they paid attention to the learning and the behaviour of the children.

“We have a family environment here with high expectations. We want our pupils to leave with life skills and a thirst for learning.”

In her report, lead inspector Christine Watkins said: “Pupils show positive attitudes to learning. They respond quickly and calmly to teachers’ expectations and follow routines well, so that lessons typically flow smoothly and without fuss.

“Teachers use their sound subject knowledge and good assessment skills to consolidate and deepen pupils’ knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects. They persist with their questioning, taking time to challenge pupils’ misconceptions and gently push them forward in their learning.”

To improve further, the school was told to ensure the recent improvements to the teaching of phonics are sustained, and to improve the quality of some of the resources in the early years outdoor provision, so that the whole area can be accessed by the children to support their learning and development.