East Anglian devolution offer to government includes two combined authorities

Andy Wood
Andy Wood
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An East Anglian devolution deal handed over to the government would see two combined authorities, rather one sweeping super council.

A proposed three county deal encompassing Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk has now been split in two, with Peterborough and Cambridgeshire pairing off.

Andy Wood, conducting negotiations on behalf of the council leaders in East Anglia, met with government representatives yesterday (Thursday, May 26).

Mr Wood put forward the proposal from leaders for the two deals for East Anglia, but with clear links on matters such as transport and infrastructure.

The two proposed deals that will be discussed with the Government will be based on the content of the original agreement signed in March, which included an elected mayor.

Mr Wood, independent chair of the East Anglia Leaders Group, said: “All leaders remain fully committed to securing an ambitious devolution settlement for residents and businesses across East Anglia. Negotiations with government are positive and progressing well.

“Government is certainly listening to East Anglia, however, to talk more specifically about proposals at this point has the potential to weaken our negotiating position.

“The ball is now firmly in our court. Locally, we must conclude our discussions and present government with our proposed deals. Government has been clear that councils will need to approve the deals locally before they will formally agree them.

“A full public consultation will take place in the summer to allow local people and businesses to have their say on the plans.”


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