Dramatic car crash recreation delivers message to Peterborough teenagers

A photo of the 'For My Girlfriend' scenario - provided by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service
A photo of the 'For My Girlfriend' scenario - provided by Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service
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Hard-hitting messages were driven home to Peterborough teenagers last Friday when firefighters recreated a fatal collision scene at Peterborough Regional College.

Emergency services took over the college on February 13 as part of the ‘For My Girlfriend’ campaign, run by the SaferPeterborough Partnership.

The students also took part in the county’s Drive 2 Arrive road safety education.

The staged collision scenario involved a young male driver in a car crash which kills his girlfriend and lands him in a police cell.

The campaign urges young drivers to take responsibility when behind the wheel and highlights the personal and legal consequences of being involved in a road collision.

Station Commander Lynn Betteridge, who is responsible for road safety at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “The event was about sending home hard-hitting messages to the young people of Peterborough through an extremely visual scenario with our partnership agencies.

“The aim was to make young people aware of the consequences of speeding, alcohol and drug misuse as well as distraction in a vehicle.

“We hope through campaigns like this, young people in the city will learn to become responsible drivers, not buckle to peer pressure and think about the consequences their actions have on others.”

Various initiatives are run in the county to help educate young people and influence driving attitude and behaviour. Activities include a young driver education day, a modified crash car and theatre in education productions which cover issues such as drink and drug driving.

Clair George, from the SaferPeterborough Partnership, added: “These activities are aimed at illustrating the terrible dangers and consequences of driving irresponsibly.

“A key priority of the SaferPeterborough Partnership is to reduce the number of young drivers and passengers aged 17 to 25 who are killed or seriously injured on Peterborough roads.

“From January 1 2014, to October 31 2014, 124 16 to 25-year-olds were injured on Peterborough roads.

“Research shows young drivers, in particular young male drivers, are at a higher risk of crashing.

“Young drivers have the tendency to drive too quickly and to over-estimate their driving ability. They are also vulnerable to peer pressure.”