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Band name: Khalo From: Peterborough

Band name: Khalo

From: PeterboroughMembers: James Gardner – vocals; Daniel McIntyre – guitar; Luke Richards – guitar; Jacob Falco – bass; Gianni Honey – drums; Gerry Harrison – keyboards/synth

Influences: Metalcore, including Killswitch Engage, Bleeding Through, Still Remains, Darkest Hour, A Fire Inside and I Killed The Prom Queen

Details: The band began as 27Black, but has evolved and gone through a series of line-up changes since. Their biggest show so far was A Taste Of Chaos at Nottingham Rock City. The band is embarking on its first national tour next week.

Download This: Listen to Beauty Is and Blood Runs Black from their EP Draw First Blood.



Next gig: The band's tour starts on Sunday, playing The Met Lounge, in Bridge Street, on Wednesday, February 14 2007.