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TERRY Pendred has unearthed an odd-shaped vegetable or two in his time – but never one in the shape of a woman!

TERRY Pendred has unearthed an odd-shaped vegetable or two in his time – but never one in the shape of a woman!The 76-year-old was taken aback when he pulled a voluptuous looking 4lbs 12oz carrot out of his back garden allotment.

Mr Pendred, who lives in Lincoln Road, Werrington, Peterborough, now plans to eat the monster veg as part of his evening meal.

He said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw it, it certainly is unusual.

"It came from a row of carrots which have all been misshapen, but they were nothing like this.

"I have been showing it to my neighbours who have found it very amusing, but I do plan to eat it.

"The other carrots from the row have all been very sweet, so hopefully this one will be, too.

"I have grown rude shaped carrots before, but they are normally look like males!"

Mr Pendred has been growing vegetables since he was a boy after following the example of his grandfather.

Other things he has grown include celeriac, radish, shallots, parsnips, peas and broad beans.

He added: "I know there is no need for me to grow my own vegetables any more and that you can buy them in the supermarkets, but it is something I have grown up with.

"I do think that home-grown vegetables taste better."

The pensioner added that he was inspired to contact The Evening Telegraph after reading how Brian Bowern (69), of Rutland Court, Peterborough, had grown a 15ins long and 3ins wide carrot.

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Mr Pendred's neighbour Sheila Donnor said she had never seen anything like the woman shaped veg.

She said: "I think it is absolutely fabulous.

"I was standing talking to him with my arms crossed, just like the carrot, when he brought it out.

"It was hilarious. It really does look like a woman. We had a real chuckle about it."

Vice-chairman of the East of England Agricultural Society's Horticultural Society Clive Bevan, who grows and judges giant and ugly vegetables, said: "I have seen vegetables which have formed the shape of women before."

He said vegetables which are planted in sieved soil and hit obstacles such as stones when they are growing can split and become an unusual shape.

He added: "I have seen vegetables in shapes such as faces and even animals before.

"When vegetables split and grow these tendrils they can look like things such as octopuses and fingers."