Devastated Peterborough bird owner who “slagged off social media” is reunited with pet 20 miles away thanks to Facebook

Zippy with Laura Racey
Zippy with Laura Racey
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A devastated bird owner who “always slagged off social media” admits she is thankful to Facebook after it helped her re-unite with her pet who was found 20 miles away.

Clare Daniels from Thorney was inconsolable when cockatiel Zippy escaped from her cage last Saturday evening (June 4) at around 5.30pm when her water bowl was being taken out.

Zippy on top of some toys

Zippy on top of some toys

But thankfully a couple of days later her beloved bird perched herself on the shoulder of Laura Racey in a farm in Sawtry, 20 miles away.

And when her friend Karen Barton spotted a Facebook post about the mystery bird, she was in touch with Clare straight away to let her know where he had been found.

Clare said she had “always slagged off social media because of the problems it’s caused,” but she was grateful to the many people who posted on her behalf on Facebook to find Zippy, and to the UK Missing Pets website.

She said: “I did not sleep for the two nights he had gone. He can only survive three days without water.

“He’s still traumatised but he’s eating, drinking and chewing my notebook.

“I can’t believe we’ve got him back.”

Clare is now looking to reward Karen and Laura’s family with a bouquet of flowers to show her immense gratitude.