Dash cam shows wrong-way driver near miss on Peterborough’s Rhubarb Bridge roundabout

Dash cam footage shows the moment a car drives the wrong way at the Rhubarb Bridge roundabout, narrowly missing traffic heading in the opposite direction.

Sunday, 10th November 2019, 7:07 am

The footage sent into the Peterborough Telegraph was captured on Thursday shortly after 9pm.

It shows a car heading southbound from the Brotherhood Shopping Park area towards Bourges Boulevard.

The vehicle heads past traffic queuing on the roundabout and narrowly passes it before the lights turn green and cars start moving in the opposite direction.

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The dash cam footage sent to the Peterborough Telegraph

The motorist who sent this into the PT wanted to highlight the “dangerous driving” they had witnessed.

Cambridgeshire police also revealed on social media that it had seized a Renault Megane driven by an uninsured driver which had “narrowly” missed a head-on collision with a police van.

The near miss occurred in Peterborough, but a location has not been given.

Police posted on Saturday morning: “This driver drove on the wrong side of the road narrowly missing a head-on with a police van.

The Renault Megane which police said narrowly missed hitting a police van head-on

“Upon checking the driver’s details, their license expired over a year ago thus voiding his insurance.

“The vehicle was seized and the driver was reported for several offences.”

There is currently a large road project taking place at Rhubarb Bridge, with works to halt in mid-November and resume in the new year before, it is expected, finishing in February.

The £5.5 million scheme at the A47/A15 junction, of which the council is paying £1.65 million and the Government £3.85 million, will see the bridge repaired, a new lane of traffic added at the roundabout and pedestrian crossings installed across the slip roads.