Youth told detectives alleged murder victim was aggressive to teens in lead up to death

Michael Green. Photo supplied
Michael Green. Photo supplied
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A teenager told police how alleged murder victim Michael Green ‘switched’ from being calm to aggressive in the moments before he was killed in a Bretton underpass.

Mr Green (23) of Muskham, Bretton, was found dead in the underpass at Tyesdale, Bretton in the early hours of May 28 this year.

Cambridge Crown Court has heard five teenagers - two girls and three boys - had been in the underpass with Mr Green that night.

The following day four youngsters went to police to speak to officers about the attack.

One of the lads, aged 15 at the time, told police in interview Mr Green, who was aged 23 when he died, had started pushing the girls around.

He said: “When I arrived I didn’t know one of the lads, and was chatting. The man (Mr Green) seemed quite happy at first, then he just switched. He was being aggressive, and pushed the girls and was swearing.”

The 15-year-old told police Mr Green squared up to one of the other boys, who was aged 16, in the underpass, and the lad hit him with an empty vodka bottle in the face.

He said: “The bottle did not break, and there was no blood. I then hit him in the back of the head with my fist.”

He said on a scale of one to 10 to measure force, he had used about five. He said then the third boy, who was aged 17 at the time had hit Mr Green ‘a few times.’

He said: “I think he hit him a few times to the side of the head. He fell to the floor. I went over and gave him a nudge. I thought he was just drunk and unconscious.”

The boy admitted no one had phoned an ambulance, when one of them should have.

The 17-year-old boy said in his interview he had been drinking with Mr Green and the two girls and had argued with him shortly before the underpass incident. The 16-year-old boy made no comment in his interviews.

Charges faced:

There are four defendants, three boys and one girl.

All but the youngest of whom are now 17 and cannot be named for legal reasons, all deny murder and grievous bodily harm.

The girl also denies a charge of attempting to pervert the course of justice relating to claims she tried to make a witness change her evidence before the trial.

Joshua Gibson, now 23, of Peterborough, pleaded guilty to assisting an offender on 7 November.

He will be sentenced at the end of the trial.