Woman who tried to stab store security guards jailed after Peterborough Crown Court trial

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A woman who threatened to stab security guards as she stole from shops in Cambridge has been jailed.

Reina Jorsling, 33, hid £230 of perfume in her bag at John Lewis on August 20 last year. When she was challenged by security she threatened to stab the guard and managed to escape.

Reina Jorsling

Reina Jorsling

On September 11, Jorsling attempted to leave Sidney Street Sainsbury’s without paying for £62 worth of alcohol. After being challenged by a security guard, she produced a small kitchen knife and tried to stab him in the chest before making off on foot, shouting “I will stab you!”.

Officers caught up with Jorsling later that week and as they tried to arrest her, she kicked one and threatened to headbutt both.

Jorsling, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to two counts of theft from a shop and two counts of assault of police officers.

On Tuesday, February 12, she was found guilty of threatening a person with a blade and two counts of common assault and at Peterborough Crown Court, where she received a 19-month jail sentence.

DC Mike Minett, who investigated, said; “Jorsling is a career shoplifter. She has previously been convicted for aggressive and violent behaviour towards store security guards that caught her shoplifting and her offending has now escalated to the point that she has produced a knife to make good her escape.”