Widow shows gratitude to ‘amazing’ Cambridgeshire police officer who tried to save her husband

Police often have to take the brunt of people’s anger as they try to enforce the law on a daily basis.

Wednesday, 19th June 2019, 4:21 pm

But the efforts from one Cambridgeshire officer continue to mean a great deal four years on.

The Huntingdonshire police Facebook and Twitter pages revealed a ‘sweeter’ moment yesterday (Tuesday) when a widow handed over chocolates and sweets and a thank you letter four years after an “amazing” officer had tried to save her husband who had collapsed at work.

The widow, who is not named, said the unnamed officer’s efforts to give her husband CPR had given the family the chance to say goodbye to him, and meant his organs could be used to save four other people’s lives.

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The letter stated: “4 years ago this week my husband passed away - he had collapsed at work and the most amazing off duty police man performed CPR until the air ambulance arrived.

“Because of what he did hubby saved 4 lives being an organ donor. We also got the chance to say goodbye to him.

“I know this may seem silly but I wanted to bring these so you know that I think all of you are amazing.”

“Keep being amazing. You change lives everyday xxx.”

The letter and chocolates and sweets given to police. Photo: Cambridgeshire police

The post on the police social media accounts read: “I was stopped by a lady today who handed me a card and treats. Really took me back that even though I wasn’t the cop who helped her husband she just wanted to feel thankful. Sweets shared out and feeling appreciated for a change.”

The chocolates and sweets given to police as a thank you. Photo: Cambridgeshire police
The thank you letter. Photo: Cambridgeshire police