Warning after thefts from vehicles in Peterborough village

Police have warned residents there have been reports of thefts from vehicles in Thorney.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 5:28 am

Cambridgeshire police said: “To deter these opportunist thieves please lock doors and remove valuables from your vehicle or do not have them on show.

“The items on show may not contain cash i.e. in a case or bag, wallet etc and sometimes that coat that gets thrown in the back of the vehicle for convenience or when it rains may not contain cash.

“But, an opportunist may take that chance and leave you with a large bill for broken windows or door for no gain to them but at great cost to you.

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“For those of you with driveways, an infra-red driveway alarm is a very inexpensive way of alerting you to anyone entering your drive. These cost £8 and can be ordered from [email protected] This will also alert you via an alarm inside your property should anyone be sneaking about.”