VIDEO: Peterborough pizza delivery driver killed as he went to work was a ‘symbol of peace.’

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A father who was killed as he delivered pizzas in Peterborough was a ‘symbol of peace,’ a friend has said.

Ali Qasemi was expecting his third child when he was killed in May.

Zamaruth Sarwary with Fawzia Qasemi

Zamaruth Sarwary with Fawzia Qasemi

Today Mark Lintott was convicted of his manslaughter and robber. Joel Lawson had already pleaded guilty.

Speaking outside court on behalf of Fawzia, Mr Qasemi’s wife, Zamaruth Sawary said:” We are really sure justice has bben applied in this case - however nothing can bring Ali back.

“It has had a devastating impact on her (Mrs Qasemi) life. It has ruined not only her own life but her kids life as well.

“Ali was a symbol of peace.”

Mr Qasemi never met his third child, who attended court with Mrs Qasemi throughout the trial.

Mrs Sawary said: “The biggest sadness is this baby can’t see his father.”

Detective Inspector Lucy Thomson added: “Mrs Qasemi is happy justice has seen to be done. She wanted the court to understand what happened to her husband. She is obviously incredibly sad and her family is devastated as a consequence of this crime.”