Victim describes abuser as ‘disgusting’

Mohammed Khubaib, 43, who is facing a lengthy jail sentence after he became the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex offences on girls in Peterborough
Mohammed Khubaib, 43, who is facing a lengthy jail sentence after he became the last of a string of men to be convicted of child sex offences on girls in Peterborough
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One of Mohammed Khubaib’s victm’s has spoken of feeling disgusted about how he abused her.

Khubaib was initially arrested in 2007 on suspicion of raping the girl, however the case was later dropped by her and no further action was taken against Khubaib at that time.

She said: “Looking back at the time I used to spend with Mohammed as a 13 and 14-year-old, even before I was raped, I think how weird it was that he used to buy us alcohol and want to spend time with us. He would ring us and ask us if we wanted to go out. As a parent now, if I knew my child was out with an older man, I would be out looking for them, and I would be angry as to why a grown man would want to spend time with young teenagers.

“It was disgusting what he did to me. I remember coming out of the room and being so shocked at what happened. Before that happened, I was a typical 13-year-old who didn’t know any better and thought that Mohammed was my friend who I had under my thumb. Now I know that he was the one with the control. I should have known better than to accept alcohol and things from Mohammed, but actually he was the one who should have known better.

“At that time I was at a normal secondary school. My attendance was bad and often I didn’t go into school often because I was hung over. Once my mum was called into school because I was still drunk at school from the night before. Mohammed was the only person I was getting alcohol off, so if it hadn’t been for him buying me alcohol perhaps my school attendance would have been better.

“Between 2007 and 2013 I got on with my life, but when I did bump into Mohammed in 2013 at a friend’s house I felt so shocked and sick. I did feel scared of him bringing up the fact that he’d been arrested in 2007 and what he might say. I wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

“When the police turned up at my house in 2013, I remember saying to DC Lizzie Morris in the café near where I live that I had to do it because it was the right thing to do and that Mohammed shouldn’t get away with what he’s been doing. I have two daughters and I want to set an example of how to behave. If we, the victims, didn’t go to court then he could carry on with what he was doing.”

The mother of another victim said she ‘hated’ Khubaib, and hoped he would spend many years in prison.

She said: “I hate him. I hope he spends the rest of his life behind bars for what he did.”

Her daughter was targeted by businessman Mohammed Khubaib when she was just 14 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

She saw him three times, but got scared when he had an argument over the phone after taking her to McDonald’s and decided to tell her parents, who took her to the police.

Khubaib, 43, originally from Pakistan, did not touch her - but had a “persistent and almost predatory interest” in teenage girls, the Old Bailey heard.

But she said she was very proud of her daughter for coming forward.

She said: “We keep telling her how proud we are. At one point she got very depressed and kept saying ‘I’m stupid, I’m silly’.

“But we told her that, at the end of the day, she has helped so many girls.

“Luckily, nothing happened to her and she saw sense before it got any further - but she has helped so many girls and she should feel proud of that.

“There are many girls out there, even though they don’t know her, they are going to be thanking her.”

The woman said that the pressure of taking the matter to police had had a “big impact” on her daughter.

She explained that before meeting Khubaib, the girl was an outgoing tomboy who enjoyed being out with her friends and going to school.

She said: “After she told me and her father what had happened and we had gone to the police, she became a hermit.

“She stayed at home, she wouldn’t go out with her friends, she wouldn’t walk to or from school by herself, and it even got to the point where she wouldn’t go to school.

“She stopped eating, she was worried that they knew it was her who had gone to the police and informed on them - and she was worried they were going to come and get her.

“It had quite a big impact on her at first, but we’ve drilled it into her that she has done the right thing.”