Vandals run amok leaving a trail of destruction in Ferry Meadows again

Benches were broken by the yobs
Benches were broken by the yobs
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Vandals ‘ran amok’ in Ferry Meadows park again last night (Wednesday) - cutting down trees and forcing a play area to be shut.

The incident comes after yobs used saws to damage benches and fences, as well as snapping saplings, at the Peterborough park on Monday night.

Teresa Wood, from Nene Park Trust, which runs the park, said: “It is very distressing.

“It looks like someone has run amok and just caused as much damage as they possibly can.”

Last night’s vandalism has been caused to an area near the Lakeside centre - a children’s play area has been damaged and the area closed, noticeboards have been torn up and thrown into the water, the backs have been cut off memorial benches and numerous trees have been damaged along a route to Milton Ferry Bridge where railings have also been damaged.

Mrs Wood said she came across the damage this morning on her way to work.

Trees have been damaged in the latest spree

Trees have been damaged in the latest spree

It has meant that meetings and other work the team had been planning to do has been postponed while staff tackle the damage.

Yesterday the Peterborough Telegraph revealed the damage on Monday night was not being connected to a graffiti spree which happened in November and December.

Last year vile racist and sexist words were sprayed over signs, buildings and paths.

Cllr Graham Casey, a member of the Nene Trust board, said he was horrified by the latest incidents.

Saws were used to cause damage

Saws were used to cause damage

He said: “This is just mindless, mindless vandalism.

“I am appalled by what has happened - they have obviously taken a saw out with them to damage the benches.

“The damage appears to be on the same route as the graffiti was, but we don’t know if it is the same group behind it.

“This is criminal damage, and whoever has done it should be treated as criminals.

“Nene Park Trust and Ferry Meadows are some of the jewels in the crown of Peterborough. So many people go there every weekend and throughout the summer.

“It is a place for young families to go and relax and have fun.

“This is not just an attack on the trust or the park, this is an attack on the quality of life in Peterborough. It is a beautiful spot – to see some of the damage is upsetting. It is just mindless.”

Volunteers at the trust are now working to repair the damage, and make the areas safe.

Now the Nene Park Trust, which runs the park, have set up a fundraising campaign to pay for the repairs.

Cllr Casey added: “We had plenty of support in December after the last spree, and I am sure it will be the same again this time.

“The trust does not budget for things like this happening, so if we do not have the support, we will take a hit.”

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “At present we are not linking this vandalism to the racially aggravated graffiti which was found at the

park before Christmas, however we are keeping an open mind.”

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to contact Cambridgeshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Anyone wishing to contribute to help the Trust to repair the latest damage can visit their Just Giving page

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