UPDATE: Action against boy (13) caught driving at McDonald’s in Peterborough while aunt and uncle watched

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“It’s only a short journey.” That was the response given to officers after they caught a 13-year-old boy behind the wheel of a car while his aunt and uncle watched on.

The startling discovery was made by officers at the McDonald’s drive-through in Padholme Road East, Fengate, on Saturday at around 11am, with the teenager issued a Traffic Offence Report.

After stopping the car officers from the BCH Road Policing unit discovered a man and a woman with their two-year-old child unrestrained in the back and their teenage nephew driving. The two-year-old was said to be on her mum’s knee.

The MOT had expired on the vehicle so it was taken back to the home of the man, who was its owner.

Police said the family are from Peterborough.

A police spokesman said: “Traffic offence reports were given for the various offences, including permitting a child to drive without a licence or insurance and driving without a licence or insurance. A decision on what action should be taken will be made in due course.”

The spokesman added that possible action against the 13-year-old could include a caution, or words of advice/guidance.