Uninsured drink driver caught after setting own car on fire on A1 near Stamford

These astonishing photos show the result of an uninsured drink driver driving down the A1 near Stamford on nothing but the steel rims of the car.

Wednesday, 2nd January 2019, 7:49 am
Updated Thursday, 10th January 2019, 11:29 am
The scene of the fire and arrest. Photo: @Pborocops

Police were called at 5.12am today, Wednesday January 2, to reports of a car being driven erratically on the A1 at Wansford.

The driver was reported to be travelling at speeds of 20mph and weaving in and out of lanes.

Having lost at least one of the tyres of the car completely the driver continued along the A1 near Stamford before turning onto Tinwell Road where the vehicle caught on fire because of the amount of sparks coming from the steel wheel.

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The scene of the fire and arrest. Photo: @Pborocops

Peterborough police officers alongside Lincolnshire Police and members of the public managed to stop the vehicle.

The driver, a man, gave a positive breath test, was found to be uninsured and was arrested at the scene. He remains at Thorpe Wood Police Station.

The driver escaped unharmed.

Firefighters attended and the vehicle was later recovered from the scene.

The scene of the fire and arrest. Photo: @Pborocops