Two cockerels abandoned in supermarket trolley

The RSPCA is caring for two cockerels who were found abandoned confined inside a shopping trolley cage in Spalding.

Thursday, 24th October 2019, 11:41 am
The birds were found in a trolley
The birds were found in a trolley

The animal welfare charity was contacted on Wednesday October 16 after a member of the public found two cockerels trapped inside a roll cage trolley - like those used by supermarkets and warehouses to move around goods.

RSPCA animal collection officer Amy Reiter said: “The birds were found at around 7am. They had been trapped inside the roll cage trolley that was on its side. The cage had a wooden pole going through the centre and had been covered in plastic and dumped beside a garage off High Road, Spalding.

“The member of the public who contacted us said they thought they’d heard the birds crowing the previous day and made the discovery after going to investigate. Therefore we believe they were dumped at the site sometime on Tuesday.

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“The cockerels are both really healthy and appear to be in good condition. I believe the wood had been pushed through the cage to create a perch for the birds and takeaway scraps had been left for them to eat.”

Amy took the birds to a local boarding centre who will care for them for two weeks. If they’re not claimed then they’ll look for a new home for the pair of cockerels.

Amy added: “It’s become really popular to keep chickens but, unfortunately, many people take them on without properly understanding their needs. Sadly that means we are finding hens and cockerels are being abandoned more frequently.

“Cockerels can be difficult to keep - and rehome - as they can be extremely noisy and will crow early in the morning. Some new owners simply aren’t aware of how loud they can be and may be forced to find them a new home if their neighbours complain.

“We’d urge anyone thinking of getting chickens to speak to their neighbours first and to check that they don’t have any rules in their area that prohibits keeping them in back gardens.”