TV doc insight into the mind of killer Joanne Dennehy

Joanne Dennehy. Photo: Cambridgeshire Police/PA Wire
Joanne Dennehy. Photo: Cambridgeshire Police/PA Wire
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Channel 5 documentary turns spotlight on Peterborough serial killer Joanne Dennehy almost a year after she was jailed for life.

The revealing programme ‘Killer Psychopaths’ will be broadcast on Tuesday, 10 February looking at the case of serial killer Dennehy.

Victim Kevin Lee, pictured with son Dino, who is featured in the show. Photo supplied

Victim Kevin Lee, pictured with son Dino, who is featured in the show. Photo supplied

Dennehy killed three men in Peterborough in late March 2013, dumping their bodies in Fenland countryside.

The show, presented by world renowned criminologist Professor David Wilson, will speak to people connected with Dennehy, her accomplices and her victims, as well as taking viewers on a journey through her life to find out what made her tick.

Producer Nick Aarons said: “The series is there to look at what makes a psychopath kill. Psychopaths are everywhere in society, but this series looks at what sends them over the edge.

“David looks through the story from childhood, through to when they committed their crimes to try and find if it is nature of nurture that causes them to tip over the edge.

Chris McCann, Head of the CPS East of England Complex Casework Unit. Photo: Crackit Productions

Chris McCann, Head of the CPS East of England Complex Casework Unit. Photo: Crackit Productions

“David’s programmes are always fantastic - he is so passionate about his subject, and gives the viewers a real understanding of the killers.

“Psychopaths are rare people and this show will look at how hard it is to spot them and how difficult they are to stop.”

During the hour long documentary, David will speak to John Treanor, the father of Dennehy’s two children, Chris McCann, Head of the CPS East of England Complex Casework Unit and Mark Lloyd, who was in the car when Dennehy and accomplice Gary Stretch were in Hereford while on the run. During the time in Hereford, Dennehy stabbed two men - although they would survive.

Mr Aarons said: “The interview with Mark Lloyd is particularly interesting. You can feel a real sense of fear. He thought he was going to be next.”

The documentary will also hear from Dino and Chiara Lee, the son and daughter of Dennehy’s final victim, Kevin Lee.

Mr Aarons said: “The case of Dennehy is very interesting. This is the first documentary about the case, and some of the people we have spoken to have not been interviewed on television about it before.

“Dennehy is also a rare beast in that she is a female serial killer. There have only been a few in British history, so it is an ‘exclusive club’ she is in.


‘Killer Psychopaths’, the first in a six part series looking at a number of murderers in the UK and the USA, will be broadcast at 9pm on Tuesday, 10 February on Channel 5.


Murders which shocked nation:

Joanna Dennehy killed three men - Lukasz Slaboszewski, John Chapman and Kevin Lee - in Peterborough in the spring of 2013.

Polish national Slaboszewski was killed in March after being lured to a house in Rollerston Garth, Welland.

His body was found with that of John Chapman, who was stabbed to death in the house he shared with Dennehy in Bifield, Orton Goldhay. The two men were dumped in a field in Thorney Dyke.

Kevin Lee was killed on March 29. His body was dumped in Newborough.

Dennehy went on the run with Gary Stretch, arriving in Hereford on April 1. On April 2 the pair drove around the city, looking for more victims.

Dennehy stabbed Robin Bereza and John Rogers in the street, although both men would survive the attacks.

Dennehy was arrested shortly afterwards, and later pleaded guilty to three murders, two attempted murders and disposing of three bodies.

She will never be released from prison.

Timeline: Peterborough triple murder investigation and trial

Series to look at serial killers:

Following the documentary on Joanna Dennehy, the programme will look at a number of other serial killers, mainly focussing on British murderers, although one will look at an American killer.

One programme will look at the case of John Duffy and David Mulcahy - known as the Railway Killers, who murdered three women in the 1980s.

Another programme will look at American killer Dennis Rader, who murdered 10 people. Another will examine the case of Steve Wright, who killed five prostitutes in Ipswich in 2006.

The fifth programme will focus on Patrick Mackay, who is believed to have killed at least 11 people in the 1970s, while the final show will examine the case of Peter Moore, one of the only serial killers from Wales.

The series will be broadcast on Tuesday nights on Channel 5 at 9pm.

Further documentaries based on the life and crimes of Joanna Dennehy are expected from other TV production companies and channels to be broadcast later in the year.