Travellers moved on from site near Peterborough after allegations involving series of incidents in Market Deeping


A group of travellers alleged to have committed crime and anti-social behaviour in and around Market Deeping over the weekend - including disturbing lessons at a primary school - have been moved on by Peterborough City Council.

Cambridgeshire police were first made aware of the travellers moving onto a site in Maxey on Wednesday, and said they had dealt with a number of issues around the area over the next few days.

However, there have been a number of allegations of criminal activity including thefts and attempted assaults involving the travellers in the Market Deeping area during the same period, which Cambridgeshire police said Lincolnshire police were dealing with.

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Residents report large number of incidents in Market Deeping area

Lincolnshire police issued a short statement on Sunday, saying one person had been arrested on suspicion of theft - but despite questions from the Peterborough Telegraph about incidents over the weekend, they have not yet issued any further statement.

Fiona Griffiths, Executive Headteacher at William Hildyard Primary School in Market Deeping said: “On Friday afternoon whilst some of our Year 6 pupils were enjoying their Forest School session, four primary aged boys from a local travellers’ site entered our Forest School area by climbing over the fence. The school children had just finished their hot chocolate and biscuits and were waiting to leave. The Forest School staff handled the situation quickly and responsibly in escorting the boys away from the premises. Nobody was injured and there was no damage to property.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “At 9.47pm on Wednesday (3 July) we were called with reports of a traveller encampment in Mill Road, Maxey. Peterborough City Council were made aware. No issues/crimes reported.

“At 6.16am on Thursday (4 July) we were called with reports of the theft of a horse box from Helpston Road, Glinton. A short while after the call we received a further call to say the horse box had been located in Deeping Road and returned to its owner. Due to no viable lines of enquiry the crime has been filed.

“At 5.27pm on Thursday (4 July) we were called with reports of children jumping into the river outside The Black Bull public house in Deeping St James Road, Deeping Gate. Officers attended and found the children were not jumping in the river when they attended.

“At 10.35pm on Thursday (4 July) we were called with reports of children throwing rubbish near to the care home in Lincoln Road, Deeping Gate. Words of advice were given.

“At 11.11pm on Friday (5 July) we were called with reports of a traveller encampment at Maxey House, Lincoln Road, Deeping Gate. Peterborough City Council intervened and the encampment moved on last night (Sunday, 7 July).

“A crime has since been raised for criminal damage following the encampment leaving the site.”

A spokesman for Peterborough City Council confirmed a Section 77 Notice was issued to the group on Friday, and they left last night.

On Sunday Lincolnshire police said: “We are supporting Cambridgeshire Police in reports of criminal activity in connection with a travellers’ site over the last three days in Market Deeping.

“We are taking robust action and plan to increase police presence in the area.

“One person has already been arrested in connection with this and several items, believed to have been stolen, have been seized.

“Enquires are on-going and we are encouraging anyone with any information to contact us on 101.”