Thug ‘smashed glass in man’s face, stamped on his head and used the broken shard to cut his throat’ court told

Sergejs Zorins
Sergejs Zorins

A violent man who stamped on the heads of his victims has been jailed.

Sergejs Zorins, 36, of Daphne Court, Wisbech, was jailed for seven years at Inner London Crown Court yesterday (February 13) after pleading guilty to grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm.

Zorins had previously denied the attacks, which took place on August 14 last year in Daphne Court, but changed his plea part way through his trial.

The court heard how Zorins had been drinking at the property with another man in his 30s when he smashed a glass in his face, stamped on his head and used the broken glass to cut his throat.

A woman in her 20s who was also at the property attempted to remove Zorins from the male but was punched in the face by Zorins who went on to stamp on her head repeatedly, leaving a footprint on her forehead.

Neighbours alerted police after hearing screams and shouting and the male victim was taken to hospital for life saving surgery. He was also treated for a broken jaw, nose and multiple bruises. The female victim suffered serious facial injuries.

Detective Constable Rich Ellison said: “This proved to be a difficult investigation with none of the involved parties speaking English and fear amongst the victims about engaging with officers.

“Sergejs has shown himself to be a violent man who was prepared to hurt anyone who stood in his way. Had the neighbours not called the emergency services when they did, the outcome could have proved fatal for the male victim.”

Sergejs was sentenced to six years and two months for the grievous bodily harm and 10 months for the actual bodily harm to be served consecutively. He faces deportation on release.