Three ‘plotted series of burglaries’ - court

Peterborough Crown Court.
Peterborough Crown Court.
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Three youths were part of a plot to carry out a series of burglaries on one night while residents were away on holiday, a court has heard.

Billy-Ray Simpson, his girlfriend Shannon Slater and Tyler Smith are all accused of taking part in the conspiracy which saw five homes raided on Saturday, August 23 last year.

The homes - two in Temple Grange, one in Foxcovert Road, one in Fenbridge Road and one in Westwood Park Road - were all broken into and an untidy search carried out, with jewellery, cars and electrical items stolen.

Charles Digby, prosecuting, told a jury at Peterborough Crown Court that many of the stolen items were recovered at Slater’s flat in Long Pature the following day.

He said: “Slater said Simpson stayed at the flat sometimes.

“He said someone had knocked on the door in the middle of the night. In police interview he said the man said ‘do you want to buy cheap stuff.’”

He said he had paid £250 for the goods, and was planning on selling them on for £500. He said he knew the man who offered the items, but had refused to name him.

But Mr Digby said: “In the real world you don’t turn up in the middle of the night and take in a large amount of property like this. It would have to be agreed in advance. It is a non-runner to suggest it was a spur of the moment decision.”

Simpson(20) of Moreland Court, Werrington and Slater (18) have pleaded guilty to one count of entering into an arrangement facilitating the acquisition, use, or control of criminal property in connection with the goods.

Smith (17), of Wellbourne, had denied the same charge. All three pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to burgle.

The trial continues.