This is what Peterborough police found when stopped a driver on suspicion of drink driving

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Drink driving is never acceptable, whether your driving home from the pub or had one two many the night before and drove with alcohol still in your system the next morning - the police will stop and prosecute you.

But sometimes the evidence that someone may be drink driving is a little more obvious.

The cans of lager found by police during the arrest

The cans of lager found by police during the arrest

Police were taken by surprise when they stopped a vehicle in Peterborough this morning to find NINE cans of open lager in the drivers door!

The 27-year-old man from Peterborough was arrested in Lincoln Road after failing a roadside breath test and being found in possession of cannabis.

He is currently in custody at Thorpe Wood Police Station in Peterborough.

The arrest is just one part of a day of action taking place in Peterborough targeting driving offences.

The 24-hour multi-agency operation started at 6am and includes enforcement activity targeting the use of mobile phones while driving, speeding, failure to wear a seatbelt and driving under the influence of drink or drugs.

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