These are the most serious offenders jailed in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire over the last month

The last month has seen murderers, drug dealers and abusers all given lengthy prison sentences.

Thursday, 1st August 2019, 5:01 pm
Criminals jailed in July

These are the most serious offenders who have been jailed in and around Peterborough in July.

Ignored a restraining order and threatened to stab his ex-partner
Stole meat from B&M in Boongate and pulled out a knife when confronted by staff

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A sex offender who assaulted a woman and emptied her bank account just weeks after meeting her online
Sexually assaulted a woman and filmed women using a toilet in a McDonalds restaurant
Pleaded guilty to dwelling burglary and breach of a suspended sentence order for carrying a bladed article
Broke his anti-social behaviour order 11 times in five weeks which included begging
The cousins tried and failed to rob two service stations and a convenience store
Swindled almost £350,000 out of an NHS trust. Ordered to pay back the majority of his ill-gotten gains or face another three years in prison
Threatened his partner with a meat cleaver and told her she was going to cause a murder scene. Also breached a suspended sentence
Found guilty of assault by penetration and assaulting an emergency worker
Admitted two charges of breach of a restraining order and breaching a non-molestation order after a campaign of harassment against his ex-partner
Was involved in a scuffle outside Chicken Hut, in Cattle Market Road, then brandished a large meat cleaver which he used to make slashing motions towards other men
Raided a home then pushed the victim to the ground and bit her on the arm when she recognised him in the street
Attacked his ex-partner in the middle of the night while their daughter slept upstairs
Pleaded guilty to theft, robbery and possession of a bladed object after threatening his victim with a needle
Strangled his ex-partner until she fell unconscious
Slashed the face of a man with a Stanley Knife in an unprovoked attack
Stabbed a man to death in a drunken row
Believed he was messaging a 12-year-old boy, but was in fact communicating with an Online Child Abuse Activist Group
Stole a mans bike at knifepoint
Punched his victim to the ground in a case of mistaken identity
Caught with cocaine and heroin hidden inside secret compartments in his jeans
Repeatedly harassed his ex-girlfriend before threatening her friends
Stole a pressure washer from a home in Burford Way, Parnwell
Left a teenager fighting for his life in a coma after beating him with a baseball bat in a revenge attack
Caught dealing heroin and crack cocaine
Stole a handbag from a woman in her 80s after claiming to have carried out work at her home in Reeves Way, Eastfield