‘The consequences could have been fatal’ - Man’s warning after he discovers arrow in his patio

The arrow found in the patio
The arrow found in the patio
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An arrow landed in the patio of a Peterborough home, prompting a warning from the homeowner that the consequences could have been fatal.

Martin Waclawyj discovered the arrow on Wednesday, June 28 at his home in Denmark Drive, Orton Waterville.

The arrow found in the patio

The arrow found in the patio

He said: “We found a real arrow (not a child’s toy) laying on our patio next to our table and chairs close to our patio doors. The arrow is approximately 72cm long and is of a professional type with a metal pointed tip.

“Our house is in Denmark Drive, Orton Waterville, and backs onto the woodland which is frequented by many walkers young and old.

“Due to the layout of our properties it is very likely that the arrow in question has been fired from the woodland and landed on our patio.

“If this arrow had struck someone either walking in the woods or one of us - as we sometimes sit out on the patio to chat or eat - the consequences could have been very serious if not fatal.

“Clearly it has been fired by someone acting in a totally irresponsible way in a public area.”

Mr Waclawyj said he was disappointed the police would not check the arrow, which had been lying on the patio overnight, for any evidence.

A police spokeswoman said the longer an item is left the less forensic opportunities there are, and that no crime had been raised.