Teen stabbed man in the chest in Peterborough street for asking a question

Hayden Snart
Hayden Snart
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A teenager who stabbed a man in the chest in a Peterborough street has been locked up for more than six years.

Hayden Snart (19) of no fixed abode, stabbed the man in Bretton following a scuffle in February. The knife wound ruptured the victim’s pulmonary artery, and he need life saving surgery at hospital.

Snart appeared at Huntingdon Crown Court on Monday, where he was also jailed after admitting a brutal assault on a man with a wooden bannister, and the knife point robbery of a stranger.

He was given a custodial sentence of six years and three months by Judge Peter Murphy, who said he was lucky he has not killed the man.

Julian Norman, prosecuting, said the stabbing happened in Bretton on February 28.

She said: “The defendant was seen walking with his girlfriend, who was carrying bags. The victim, who said he had seen his mother bullied when he was young, called out ‘why are you making your mrs carry all your bags?’

“A scuffle followed, and a very serious injury was caused to the victim with a knife.”

The stab wound was 8.3cm deep, and surgeons said the ruptured artery could have been fatal.

The other assault happened in Bretton in July last year, when Snart went to meet his victim, who was expecting to buy heroin.

Instead, Snart launched the brutal attack, hitting the man over the head with the wooden pole, causing a 7cm cut on the victim’s head, which needed 10 stitches.

And on February 9 this year, Snart threatened a stranger with a knife, and stole a mobile phone.

Roger Harrison, defending, said: “Snart has pleaded guilty to all offences, and had no convictions before today.

“His background is tragic. His mother was in and out of prison, and a user of heroin, His father was a user of heroin.
“At the age of 14 he was forced to leave home, and by the age of 16 he was using heroin.

“He embarked on the habit of carrying a knife for his own protection.”

Mr Harrison said since he had been in custody he had weened himself off heroin. He said; “The defendant told me ‘I am fundamentally a good person. I was a good person before I started taking heroin. I was a good person before this series of events.”

Judge Murphy said he recognised Snart had had a ‘tragic’ upbringing, but said: “You have committed a number of serious offences.

“The section 20 wounding (stabbing)in particular could have cost the victim’s life. If that had happened you could have been facing a life sentence.”

Snart pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, robbery, possession of a blade and possession of class A drugs at a previous hearing.