Teen accused of stabbing man to death in Peterborough street told taxi driver she was going to the police station ‘because she had been robbed at knifepoint,’ court told

Martyna Ogonowska (18) Arrives at court.  Picture by Terry Harris. THA
Martyna Ogonowska (18) Arrives at court. Picture by Terry Harris. THA

A teenage woman accused of murdering her new boyfriend in Peterborough told a taxi driver who took her to Thorpe Wood Police Station after the stabbing she had been robbed at knife point, a court has heard.

Martyna Ogonowska (18) is alleged to have murdered Filip Jaskiewicz following an argument in Oakdale Avenue, Stanground in the early hours of October 21 last year. Mr Jaskiewicz, of Princes Street, Peterborough died as a result of a single stab wound to the heart, and was found slumped in his car in the street.

Filip Jaskiewicz

Filip Jaskiewicz

Ogonowska, of Victoria Place, Peterborough, denies murder.

Today at Cambridge Crown Court, taxi driver Kamran Khan told a jury he had picked up Ogonowska just after 7am from Taverners Road on October 21. The taxi had been booked to take her to the police station.

Mr Khan said there was a group of four people - two men and two women - which Ogonowska was in when he arrived at Taverners Road.

He said: “She was the one that looked a bit distressed - she looked upset, like she had been in a tearful state,

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground EMN-181021-152034009

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground EMN-181021-152034009

“One of the men said something like ‘don’t go, go home.’ She said she had to go. ‘I have to do this.’

Mr Khan said Ogonowska then got in the taxi, and he asked if she was OK.

He said: “She wasn’t - she said something had happened to her.”

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, asked him if she said what happened.

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

Mr Khan said: “Yes. She said someone tried to rob her. She said it was a man, and there was a woman there as well.

“She said a knife was put to her throat.

“She said the woman gave the bloke the knife.”

Mr Khan said Ogonowska had been on the phone during the taxi ride. He said: “She said she ‘had to do this.’

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

Police investigate the death at Oakdale Avenue, Stanground

Matthew Jewell, defending, asked Mr Khan if Ogonowska had been upset, and if she spoke with a heavy eastern European accent.

Mr Khan said she had, and Mr Jewell suggested he may have misheard or misunderstood what Ogonowska said.

Mr Khan said he was confident he had not misunderstood her.

The court also heard from Lukasz Kamienski, who had known Ogonowska for a number of years. He also knew Mr Jaskiewicz

He told the court six months prior to Mr Jaskiewicz’s death, he had spoken to Ogonowska, who said she had once taken a knife out when she had ‘problems with a Lithuanian girl.’

He said: “She said she took a knife, and that the girl is afraid of her now.

“I didn’t know if to believe it or not, but I said it was stupid what she was doing.”

Mr Kamienski said he had never seen Ogonowska with a knife, and it was the only time she had mentioned a knife when he spoke to her.

Mr Kamienski also told the court Mr Jaskiewicz had first met Ogonowska on Thursday, October 18, a few days before he died.

He said he had spoken to him the day after the pair met, and Mr Jaskiewicz said he had slept with her that night.

Statements from friends Krzysztof Grawas and Patrucja Krolic, who also said Mr Jaskiewicz had told them he had slept with Ogonowska.

A statement was also read from Kathleen Edge, who lives on Oakdale Avenue.

She said in the early hours of October 21, she was woken by the sound of voices. She said she saw a group of people getting out of a car, before they got back in again.She said she then went back to bed, and heard the car doors open again, before going back to sleep.

A statement from Nicola Bianchi was also read to the court.

Qualified nurse Ms Bianchi, who also lives on Oakdale Avenue, said she had left her house at about 7am that day. She said she had driven past a silver VW Polo, and saw a man slumped in the car.

When she returned a few minutes later, the man was still slumped in the car, so she went to investigate.

She said: “I knocked on the window - there was no response. I opened the door, and said ‘Hello, are you OK?’ - and there was no response. I shook him by the shoulder, and there was still no response/

“I checked for a pulse, and could not find one. I dialled 999, and they asked if he was breathing.

“I went to check but there was blood on his shirt. I lifted the shirt up and could see a small wound, about 1cm in length. I couldn’t see the chest expanding so I assumed he wasn’t breathing.”

She said the 999 control room asked her to give CPR. She was joined by a neighbour who stayed on the phone while Ms Bianchi carried out chest compressions, but she said there were ‘no signs of life.’

She continued to give CPR until paramedics arrived and took over.

Ogonowska denies one count of murder and one count of possession of a knife in a public place.

The trial continues.

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