Swearing and crude prison nurse gets six month ban

Toby Bunting
Toby Bunting
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A prison nurse who greeted inmates with swear words and lied about his drugs conviction has been suspended for six months.

Toby Bunting used a number of crude phrases towards inmates at HMP Peterborough and showed pictures of male genitalia, the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) was told.

After checks were carried out, bosses found Bunting had been jailed in the US for transporting and possessing methamphetamine.

In his application form he made no mention of previous convictions, admitting only to a speeding offence from 2008.

Banning Bunting from nursing for six months, NMC panel chair Pamela Ormerod said: “He fully accepted the panel’s finding that his fitness to practise is impaired as a consequence of his behaviour and the language he had used.

“Even if at the time he had felt it was harmless banter, he now recognised its potential for undermining the reputation of the profession.

“Ms Hart [defending] invited the panel to have regard to the context in which Mr Bunting’s inappropriate language had been used.

“She reminded the panel of the evidence of the culture in the prison and that prisoners responded to Mr Bunting in a like manner.

“She contended that there was a real difference between profanity used with intent to abuse and that used because of an overfamiliarity which transgressed boundaries.

“Ms Hart also reminded the panel of the evidence as to Mr Bunting’s use of inappropriate language regarding his colleagues and invited the panel to have in mind the context.

“Mr Bunting’s profanity had not been directed at particular members of staff.”

Ms Ormerod added: “Ms Hart submitted that Mr Bunting accepted he had failed to be a good role model.”