Suspended sentence for woman who ran brothel

Court case
Court case
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A Peterborough mother who let her home be used as a brothel has been given a suspended jail sentence.

Caroline Fox (42) allowed a woman to use the one bedroom flat in Cleatham, Bretton, as the brothel last year.

Fox, denied the charge of keeping a brothel used for prostitution, but was found guilty at a trial earlier this year.

On Friday she appeared at Huntingdon Crown Court, where she was given an 18 month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months.

Rebecca Fairbairn, prosecuting, said: “The charge relates to permitting a woman to come to the address and to see customers for sexual work.”

Miss Fairbairn said it was alleged Fox allowed the arrangement to continue for about six weeks between March and April last year.

The court was told Fox has a previous conviction for loitering, but had no convictions since 2004.

Matthew Dance, defending, said: “She lives in a one bedroom flat, and is trying to source alternative accommodation. She is surrounded by users of class A drugs, making her attempt to rid herself of the addiction more difficult.

“She has been engaged with Aspire, an organisation which helped combat the addiction.

“She also is not without significant medical disability. She has a curved spine, and walks with a stick.

“She also suffers from depression.

“I acknowledge the custodial threshold has been passed, but the sentence can be suspended, because the offence only lasted a short time, her health and her vulnerability is she was to receive immediate custody and her lack of recent convictions.
“I ask you to give the defendant one last chance to address offending behaviour and to continue making good progress addressing her drug addiction.”

Along with the suspended sentence, Judge Peter Murphy ordered Fox to be under supervision from the probation service for 18 months, take part in a nine month drug rehabilitation requirement, and a women’s specified activity. She was also ordered to pay a £100 surcharge.