Stamford police officer dismissed without notice for gross misconduct

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

A Stamford police officer has been dismissed without notice after a gross misconduct hearing today, Thursday August 31.

It was alleged that Special Sergeant Corey Alvey, based at Stamford, breached standards of professional behaviour by pursuing an inappropriate relationship with a vulnerable member of the public.

The chair of the panel, Chief Constable Bill Skelly, found the conduct amounted to gross misconduct and dismissed Special Sergeant Alvey from the force without notice.

He said: “Having thoroughly considered all the material placed before me the only decision I could reach to ensure that members of the public in Lincolnshire were being properly served was to dismiss Special Sergeant Alvey with immediate effect.

“I am determined that Lincolnshire police officers will behave, both on and off duty, in a manner that is consistent with the values and ethics of the police force and which does not bring discredit upon our force.

“I am also determined that any members of the public who turn to us for help or who find themselves in need of our assistance can be completely confident that they will be treated professionally.

“Special Sergeant Alvey became involved with a vulnerable person and demonstrated a wilful disregard for their wellbeing. He grossly undermined the privileged position that his role as a member of Lincolnshire Police demanded.

“As Chief Constable my responsibility is to ensure that public confidence in the police is maintained and that the rights and wellbeing of the public we serve are protected, particularly those who are vulnerable. What Special Sergeant Alvey did is entirely inconsistent with the role of a warranted officer.

“I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to all those affected by the actions of Special Sergeant Alvey that gave rise to today’s hearing.”