Sex worker charity hits out at police funding withdrawal

Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
Cambridgeshire Constabulary.
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The head of a sex worker’s charity has hit out at Cambridgeshire police which is the only force in the country to withdraw funding.

National Ugly Mugs supports sex workers when they are victims of crime and sends vital intelligence to police.

Chief executive Alex Feis-Bryce accused Cambridgeshire Police of being “short-sighted” over their decision to withdraw financial support of £3,000.

The force has said it was an “extremely difficult decision” but claimed they had “very limited evidence” of NUM’s work in their county.

NUM said sex workers are often targeted by dangerous individuals but only a quarter report crimes to the police.

Mr Feis-Bryce said: “I am deeply shocked and frankly disgusted at this short-sighted decision.

“It sends a very bad message about Cambridgeshire police’s commitment to crime prevention and protecting marginalised groups.

“Throughout the country, police forces are recognising the importance of crime prevention and working with partners to support victims and that is why NUM is seen as crucial by the vast majority of forces in the UK.”

Superintendent Jon Hutchinson said: “Unfortunately after careful consideration we made the difficult decision that we would not be able to provide any more money.

“In order to ensure we make the best use of the public’s money we have robust measures in place and in this case the charity were only able to provide very limited evidence of their work in the county.”