Road rage drives Peterborough motorists round the bend and into worst places to drive list

Traffic SUS-150515-094338001
Traffic SUS-150515-094338001
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Angry drivers in Peterborough has seen the city named as one of the worst places to drive in England.

Peterborough was ranked as the 13th worst place in the country in new research by

The research saw towns and cities ranked based on four categories - traffic accidents in 2015, percentage of drivers experiencing road rage in 2015, principal roads where maintenance should be considered and vehicle crime in a one mile radius of the city centre in August 2016.

Peterborough was ranked 13th as 54 per cent of drivers had experienced road rage at some point - more than in London, Birmingham, Newcastle and Manchester.

It also saw 69 vehicle crimes near the city centre, one of the highest figures in the top 15, and 534 accidents. However, just one road was listed as needing maintenance.

County neighbour Cambridge was ranked as the 15th worst place to drive in the country, with low rates of vehicle crime and road rage recorded.

The worst places to drive were listed as:

1: Bristol

2: London

3: Birmingham

4: Southampton

5: Lincoln

6: Portsmouth

7: Wolverhampton

8: Hull

9: Leeds

10: Exeter

11: Manchester

12: Newcastle

13: Peterborough

14: Canterbury

15: Cambridge