Resident evicted after cannabis factory found at Peterborough home

Cross Keys Homes Head Office on Shrewsbury Avenue in Peterborough. Photo: Alan Storer
Cross Keys Homes Head Office on Shrewsbury Avenue in Peterborough. Photo: Alan Storer
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A resident was evicted by Cross Keys Homes after a cannabis factory was found at her home.

In November police found a fake wall in the bedroom of the home in Vergette Road, behind which was a cannabis factory.

Potentially dangerous alterations had been made to the electrical wiring, including bypassing the electricity meter, and additional damage had been caused.

Following further investigations by the police and Cross Keys Homes (CKH), a section 21 notice was served March 2015.

The tenant failed to leave the property and therefore we applied to the court for a possession order. She again did not hand the keys back to CKH, as instructed, leading to CKH requesting a court bailiff gain possession of the property on its behalf.

Gemma Wood, Tenancy Support Manager at CKH, said: “We take very seriously, all cases of using our property for the cultivation of illegal drugs. We will not tolerate our properties used for the purposes of cultivating drugs. It is often the case, as in this instance, that meters are bypassed and dangerous re-wiring is completed in order to fund and supply the power needed for cultivation. This substantially increases the fire risk in the property putting all occupants and neighbours at risk. This is in addition to the criminal behaviour associated with drug use, cultivation and supply. Cross Keys Homes continues to work with our partners in Cambridgeshire Constabulary to deal robustly with those using our properties to cultivate drugs. We will always consider eviction in these cases.’