Rape victim encourages others to contact police after perpetrator is found guilty

Consent in relationships
Consent in relationships
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A rape victim has encouraged other people to come forward after seeing her perpetator found guilty.

The victim, who cannot be named, is now waiting to see the man sentenced after police used forensic evidence to prove his guilty.

Speaking during a month-long awareness campaign by Cambridgeshire police, the victim said: “My memory of the whole incident is a bit blurry. When I woke up in the morning I hoped it had all been a bad dream. I told my friend that I thought I had been raped and then reported it to the police.

“After the forensic examination I had it confirmed that I was raped as the rapist’s DNA was found.

“The police have been amazing. The two policewomen that were with me throughout the process have provided me with the best support.

“I want to tell victims of rape and sexual assault to report it, do not give up, go to trial, even though it is unpleasant, because if you don’t, you say to society that what happened is ok and it isn’t.”

Detective Inspector Leigh Allman, Rape Investigation Team (RIT) Manager, said: “Nobody ever invites rape, whatever the myths around rape are.

“Whatever relationship a person is in, whatever their gender is, whatever decision they have made around drink or dress and whatever level of intimacy they have already engaged in with their attackers, the responsibility of rape needs to be assigned where it belongs, with the offender.

“Some victims worry they won’t be believed because they were drinking or taking drugs or don’t remember what happened. I want to reassure people that we will want to focus on the sexual offence that has been committed against them and bring the perpetrators to justice so they can’t commit this crime again.”

The victim’s full story can be viewed here.