Prostitute is banned from streets at night

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4 May 2010: A PROSTITUTE has been given an ASBO and banned from Peterborough city centre streets where she plied her trade.

Carly Buckle (25), of Grove Court, Peterborough, pleaded guilty to two charges of soliciting for prostitution at Peterborough Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

She was arrested by police while plying her trade in Granville Street, Peterborough, on Wednesday.

The court sentenced her to a six-week suspended prison sentence and she was ordered to wear an electronic tag for three months.

They also gave her an Anti-Social Behaviour Order which will last for two years and bans her from entering Burghley Road, Towler Street, Church Walk and Park Road between 7pm and 2am.

Speaking after the verdict, Inspector Mat Newman said that prostitution in the city centre was “a major concern for local people” and it had been set as a priority at neighbourhood panel meetings.

He said: “Carly Buckle is a frequent offender and I hope this sentence and ASBO will make her think twice before committing any more offences in the future.

“Residents have been a big factor in this as they have been calling us and letting us know when the sex workers are there which has enabled us to make an impact.”

Buckle was arrested by officers as part of a wider operation to crackdown on vice in the area, after scores of residents complained of having to endure the sight of prostitutes openly cavorting outside their homes and step over used condoms on the way to work.

News of the action was welcomed by long-term Burghley Road resident Wayne Page who said he was delighted and said since the crackdown the vice problem had been less “in yer face”.

Businessman Mr Page (53) said: “It got to a stage when my wife and sister-in-law couldn’t walk down the street to visit each other without being propositioned by kerb-crawlers.

“I would sit at my desk trying to work and there would a steady procession of people picking up a girl driving off and coming back 15 minutes later and dropping her off. We went to the police panel meeting and demanded something was done and the situation has improved massively. Prostitution is the oldest profession and you are never going to get rid of it.

“But if this case helps set a precedent and sends a message out to the girls then it can only be a good thing.

“I know it might push the problem elsewhere and it might seem like nimbyism but all anyone wants to do is to be able to walk down your own street without being propositioned.”

Police are hoping that the strong sentence given out to Buckle would send a clear message out to the girls and Inspector Newman added that he hoped she would now seek help and drug rehabilitation to keep herself off the streets.

He said: “The focus of the operation has been balanced between those caught in the trap of soliciting and those people kerb crawling and using the services of the sex workers.

“We now have to make sure that there is appropriate support for these girls in terms of helping them leave the sex trade and get help for their problems.

“We know it is the oldest profession in the world so our benchmark is reducing anti-social behaviour and making life better for the residents who have suffered from the consequences of it.”

RESIDENTS in the Burghley Road area have endured several years of trouble after it became the unofficial “red-light” district of Peterborough.

In August 2008, police made 43 arrests in a vice swoop following complaints by residents.

They targeted prostitutes, kerb crawlers, street drinkers and drug dealers in the operation.

One year on, police changed tack and moved the focus to kerb-crawlers.

A vice mailshot went out to 16 registered keepers of cars seen repeatedly loitering in the Burghley Road area. The shock tactics even saw some owners receiving an unannounced home visit by uniformed police.

The Evening Telegraph joined a night police operation in October 2009 which resulted in a kerb-crawler being arrested and a prostitute cautioned.

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