Posties face pet peril in Peterborough

A Peterborough postie who was attacked by a dog has called for pet owners to keep their pooches under control when mail is delivered.

Sunday, 9th July 2017, 7:00 am
Royal Mail postman in North Street, Stanground ENGANL00120130908172844

Simon East has backed the call from the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) after it was revealed Peterborough has had the third most dog attacks on posties in the country.

The were 60 incidents recorded in the PE postcode in the past 12 months - with only Brighton and Northern Ireland seeing more attacks.

This week is Royal Mail’s Dog Awareness Week, which is urging pet owners to think of delivery workers. The week is timed to coincide with the summer, when attacks are more likely to happen.

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Simon (33) - a dog owner himself - said he was attacked in June last year.

He said: “I was delivering to a house in Broadway. I had missed a couple of letters, and went back to the house. The owner was in the porch and saw me coming.

“I handed him the letters, and was walking back up the path, when the dog came running out of the house and grabbed hold of my arm, and bit, hard.

“He was only biting for a few seconds, but when he let go, my arm was gushing with blood. It was very painful.

“It was a German Shepherd cross breed type dog, and I didn’t have any time to react, as I was walking away from the house.

“The owner went and put the dog in the back garden when it had happened.

“I needed seven stitches on two wounds on my arm, and it took six weeks to heal, as it got infected.”

Simon, who has been delivering mail in the city for 15 years, said he had not had many other close calls - but the attack had affected his confidence.

He said: “I am a bit wary now. You don’t think it will happen to you, but it can.

“There was an incident in Chestnut Avenue after I was attacked. I knocked on the door, and a child opened it, and a bulldog type dog poked its head round the corner. I backed away and asked for the door to be shut.

“I would ask residents with dogs to put them in a different room when someone different comes to the door. They often say they are really friendly, but you don’t know how they will act, as they want to protect the owner and the house.

“I have a Staffie, and when I know someone is coming, I put him in the back garden, just to be sure.”