Police warn ‘pranksters’ about ‘killer clown’ offences as two young girls are chased down street

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Police are reminding the public to be mindful of carrying out activities that may scare people, as they could be committing public order offences.

Peterborough police dealt with several so-called ‘killer clown’ incidents in October last year.

In one incident in the East of England yesterday at 4.30pm, police were called to a report that two young girls were approached by a person dressed in a clown costume.

The girls ran off and were chased a short distance. They were upset and shaken but otherwise unharmed.

The person is reported to have been carrying what is thought to a be a toy knife.

Whilst it is believed that this was a prank incident and nothing more sinister was intended police would remind members of the public to be more aware of how they act in public places.

They could be committing public order offences and may be subject to arrest.

Anybody witnessing such incidents in the run up to Halloween are asked to call police on 101