Police under pressure from Peterborough MP to name missing registered sex offenders

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Peterborough’s MP has called on police chiefs to name 10 missing sex offenders because they pose a danger to the public.

The demand comes after Cambridgeshire police revealed that 10 out of the 688 registered sex offenders it manages are currently missing from the county.

It is thought the convicted sex pests have slipped out of the country and are living abroad.

The sex offenders have been missing for anywhere between two and eight years.

But although detectives are keen to trace the missing 10 they are refusing to name them or even say which cities, towns or villages they come from.

They say to release such details would contravene the rights of the offenders and may put them and their victims at risk,

These offenders have gone missing and present a danger to the public.

Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson

But Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson said: “I have some sympathy with the police to the degree that we don’t want to encourage vigilantism.

“But the public interest and safety should be paramount and they should release the names of these offenders because it is in the wider public interest.

“I agree it is difficult if the offenders are in a programme that is trying to reintegrate them into the community.

“But these offenders are not in that position.

“They have gone missing and present a danger to the public and should be apprehended.

“It seems to me that sometimes common sense does not always go hand in hand with Cambridgeshire Constabulary.”

Details of the number of missing sex offenders came to light in a Freedom of Information request to the county’s police.

It states: “Ten registered sex offenders are currently recorded as wanted because their whereabouts are unknown.”

It adds that the names of the missing 10 will not be released as this would contravene the Freedom of Information Act and Data Protection principles.

A police spokeswoman also said; “The information already issued is based on the fact that it would be difficult to identify individuals given the size of Cambridgeshire.

“However, when you start bringing in town, cities and villages this makes it easier to identify the offenders in relation to jigsaw identification and previous media coverage, therefore posing a risk to those individuals and their victims.

She said: “At present there are 688 registered sex offenders in Cambridgeshire, 10 of whose whereabouts are currently unknown to police, however they are believed to be abroad and the relevant overseas public protection agencies have been advised.

“Procedures have been put in place to ensure that should they come to the attention of overseas authorities, then UK law enforcement agencies will be made aware.

“The names of these individuals will not be made public in order to protect the identities of their victims, and to limit the risk which may be imposed upon the individuals themselves, should their identity be put in the public domain.”