Police respond after 19 Peterborough streets are targeted by car thieves

Car thieves have struck in 19 different streets in the last few days
Car thieves have struck in 19 different streets in the last few days
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Nearly two dozen early-morning thefts have been carried out from vehicles in Peterborough over the last few days.

Crime reduction officer at Thorpe Wood Police Station Helen O’Driscoll said: “It would appear that other crimes have happened in the Woodston and Bretton areas but we do not appear to have had these reported to us.”

These are the 19 Peterborough streets where car thieves have struck in last few days as police issue warning

She added: “Your mobile phone, coins for the car park, sunglasses, packs of medication or other items that can earn quick cash are irresistible to the opportunist thief.

“The cost of replacing a window is often much more than that of what is stolen. It goes without saying that wallets, handbags, purses and credit cards should never be left in an unattended vehicle.

“Leaving sat nav mounts, suction cup marks on windows or cables on view gives it away that you may have left a sat nav, smartphone or other device in your car.

“Whenever you lock your car, make sure the indicators flash and mirrors fold (if you have that functionality) and listen for the clunk of locks. Do not leave anything on display and please remain vigilant.”

Thefts can be reported by calling 101, or online at https://www.cambs.police.uk/report/Report-Shared/Report-a-crime.