Police operation targets Peterborough kerb crawlers in bid to safeguard street sex workers

Peterborough police took action against six men during an operation to safeguard and provide for city street sex workers, and target kerb crawlers.

By Stephen Briggs
Thursday, 20th January 2022, 4:58 am
The two day operation was carried out last week
The two day operation was carried out last week

Operation Glacier is an ongoing piece of work to safeguard and provide support for street sex workers as well as target those exploiting the women or soliciting sexual services – often referred to as kerb crawling – which is an offence in the UK, as well as prevent further anti-social behaviour impacting local residents.

A police spokesman said; “The activity at the end of last week resulted in:

- Five community protection warnings (CPWs) being issued – banning the men from a specified area around Burghley Road between 7pm and 5am for a year. Should they be found in the area during the period of the warning, a community protection notice (CPN) will be put in place with further conditions

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- Three of the men were given a conditional caution for kerb crawling including a £170 fine and being made to engage in an online educational course

- Two of them had their cars seized after showing as having no insurance

A sixth man was suspected to be dealing drugs to vulnerable women, resulting in his car being searched where £200 in cash and a small amount of class B drugs were seized. He was given a community resolution.