Police investigate after Peterborough woman knocked over by quad bike

The path where Sarah was hit
The path where Sarah was hit
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A woman left badly bruised in hospital after being knocked over by a quad bike believes she was lucky not to suffer a serious injury.

Police are investigating after a man collided into Sarah Deadman as she cycled in Hampton Vale on Sunday, June 14.

Leg bruising from the collision

Leg bruising from the collision

Sarah, from Yaxley, hopes any witnesses will come forward after a collision which she said left her on the floor, unable to move, and caused internal bleeding.

The 51-year-old said she “could not believe it” when the man on the red quad bike then rode off after she had asked him to direct an ambulance driving down the A15 to the cycle path she was on.

Sarah, who was with partner Neil Wade (51) at the time and was later taken to Peterborough City Hospital, said: “I could hear the ambulance going up and down the A15 but there was nobody there to show them the way.”

The quad bike is said to have been coming round a bend at over 20mph before losing control and hitting Sarah’s bike which she was sat still on. The man on the quad bike was in a group of around 10, the rest of whom were riding off-road bikes and who also left the scene.

Sarah, whose bike was broken from the collision, added: “I just laid on the floor and thought I had done some real damage. I’m black and blue and I can hardly walk. Someone could be seriously injured or worse if they get hit.”

The police said they were called just after 2.30pm to a Green Wheel cycle route from London Road to Haddon.

Anyone with information should call 101.