'Police could have done more' say family after man pleads guilty to killing Yaxley friends after 18-hour cocaine binge

Police could have done more to stop a driver who was high on cocaine when he ran down and killed two young Yaxley men, the aunts of one of the victims have said.

Richard Frost drove into Thomas Fletcher (19) of Meadow Walk, Yaxley, and Thomas Northam (22) of Lilac Walk, Yaxley, on January 3 this year as they walked towards Farcet on the B1091 in Yaxley.

Richard Frost

Richard Frost

Frost (39) of Dorset Avenue in Chelmsford, Essex, admitted two counts of dangerous driving, two charges of assault by beating and money laundering at Cambridge Crown Court on Friday, November 24.

Speaking outside court, Thomas Northam's aunts said: "It's been devastating, absolutely devastating. There are no words that can describe it. Tom Northam was beautiful and what we have heard about Tom Fletcher he was a lovely boy too, they both had their lives ahead of them and were lovely boys.

"The whole family have been absolutely devastated.

"We're totally shocked, what we have heard today in court we did not know and we are absolutely shocked. We are shocked to find out the police could have done more and many people rang in to say he was driving erratically like that. Why, why did he not get stopped. It was an hour and a half to two hours before he hit those two boys and tragically took their lives."

MISSED: Yaxley men Thomas Fletcher and Thomas Northam

MISSED: Yaxley men Thomas Fletcher and Thomas Northam

"We just hope the judge does just desserts and makes him pay for this."

"Christmas is something we're dreading, we've had the first birthdays for both of them which was extremely hard for both families and now the first Christmas, it's just going to be devastating."

The court heard Frost had been driving a BMW at excessive speed for hours while high on amphetamines and cocaine (which he took at the wheel), forcing numerous drivers to swerve and break sharply to avoid a head-on collision.

He was even recorded doing an average of 117mph over a 1.3 mile stretch on the A16 at Crowland which is a 60mph limit.

Frost also beat up and ran over the legs of a woman called Tracy Anderson - who was a passenger in the car - leaving her battered and bruised, and punched a man called Stefon Mills in the face after he followed Frost as he fled from the scene.

Frost was also seen driving into a hedge at Fountain Place in Peterborough, off Eyebury Road, and undertook cars while driving with all four wheels in a footpath in Broadway, on one occasion missing a pedestrian by a matter of centimetres which would have resulted in a fatal or serious collision.

He also stopped off at Friar Tucks fish and chip shop in Yaxley where staff had to prevent him from getting behind the counter. Frost told staff he needed to wash his knuckles which were bleeding.

The court heard that the victims were on the correct side of the road when they were hit by Frost and were pronounced dead at the scene.

He hid the £72,000 in a briefcase in the foot of a garden, then went into a house in Broadway where Mr Mills followed him.

The court heard that Frost shut the door before coming charging out with his fists and punching Mr Mills in the face.

Frost was arrested at his mother's house in Chelmsford on the same day he killed both victims, but denied being the driver of the BMW in police interview.

Frost, who has previous driving offences, and was said to be on police bail for murder and money laundering, had previously been unfit to plea at court.

He will be sentenced on Wednesday, December 20 when mitigation will also be heard.

Judge Farrell told him: "Custody is inevitable in this case, and serious custody."

The court also heard 999 phone calls made while Frost was driving dangerously.

One caller said: "He will kill somebody before long. I have never seen driving like it.

"If he does not kill somebody it will be a miracle."

Dashcam footage also showed Frost overtaking at speed on a layby.

A statement was also read out by Tom's mum Tina, who said she was "devastated" and "angry" at the loss of "two gorgeous boys."

Her son Tom was "happy and full of life."

She added: "Christmas is coming. What we are going to do to get through it? I do not know.

"I'm devastated and heart-broken and just do not understand how this happened. Our lives have changed forever."