Police confronted naked man being entertained by woman in stockings as they busted a Peterborough prostitution racket

Police confronted a naked man being entertained by a woman in stockings and suspenders when they busted a prostitution racket in Peterborough.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 4:15 pm
Priestgate, where Ying Wang lived
Priestgate, where Ying Wang lived

The punter was horrified as officers began searching the flat and ushered the women out of the room, the Old Bailey heard.

Hai Ying Wang, (44), was cooking and cleaning for the women and had been observed welcoming clients and receiving payment at two flats in Park Road, Peterborough and another in nearby Priestgate where he was living.

Ying Wang has now been jailed for nine months for his role in the organisation.

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Prosecutor Caroline Allison said: “Police forced entry to the premises and found Mr Wang present. There was a scantily dressed woman in the bedroom in lingerie.

“A gentleman who was naked in the bedroom said there was a massage service agreed, that was what he was there for. He was understandably distressed and was shocked by the police arriving.”

Mark McDonald, defending, said: “He (Ying Wang) used to sleep on the sofa and pick them up from the station.

“They were there voluntarily, not controlled, and he was respectful and protective, they say that.

“When it comes to a chain of people running this organisation he was at the bottom.”

Mr McDonald said Ying Wang received clients who had found advertisements online and been sent to the address by a more senior part of the organisation in Manchester or Leicester.

He cooked and cleaned in the flat where he worked and slept on the sofa as well as take money from the clients, for which he was paid was paid £200-250 a month.

Ying Wang’s asylum application prevented him from legally working so he answered an advertisement to work in a ‘shop’ on the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat.

His eye was damaged in a violent attack at one of the flats he was looking after, so he was unable to sustain more desirable ‘black market’ employment at Chinese restaurants.

Judge Sarah Munro told Ying Wang: “You were akin to a housing nanny, looking after them, cooking and cleaning for them but also taking a share of their earnings and passing them up the chain.

“For your pains you received something around £250 a month, none of the young women has a bad word to say about you and they were all willingly acting as prostitutes before they had met you.”

Ying Wang, of Priestgate, admitted arranging or facilitating travel of another person for exploitation and controlling prostitution for gain between 25 August 2018 and 2 March 2019.