Police checkpoint catches 10 drivers on mobile phones, numerous motorists for no MOT and recovers trailer after 47 are stolen

One of the trailers recovered by police YH6TFNnORDBvlLP1aBD8
One of the trailers recovered by police YH6TFNnORDBvlLP1aBD8

A day of action saw police report 10 driver for using mobile phones, a driver fined £500 for using red diesel and a trailer recovered following a spate of thefts.

On Tuesday, April 26, the Rural Crime Action Team put in a road check in Rings End area of March supported by HMRC officers.

The aim was to catch the people that are stealing red diesel from farms and using it in their own cars, as well as to check all Ifor Williams trailers as there have been 47 stolen in Cambridgeshire in 2017.

The team tested 35 vehicles and found one which was running on red diesel. The vehicle was seized and the driver slapped with a £500 on the spot fine from HMRC.

A further 10 drivers were reported for using mobile phones or having MOTS and multiple people were reported for having no road tax.

Four Ifor Williams trailers were checked and one was seized as it was suspected stolen.