Police called as Fathers4Justice stage messy protest in Peterborough City Centre Asda over 'cereal discrimination'

Police were called to Asda in Peterborough City Centre today as two members of Fathers4Justice staged a messy protest in the supermarket.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 4:20 pm
Updated Wednesday, 5th September 2018, 7:23 am
Father-of-three Matt OConnor, 51, and Paul Robinson, 56 staged the protest in Peterborough Asda

Father-of-three Matt O’Connor, 51, from Clapham, and ‘Tremendous’ Paul Robinson, 56 from Portsmouth, Hampshire, staged a protest at Asda in Rivergate, Peterborough, on Tuesday afternoon, September 4, over what they say is ‘cereal discrimination’ against dads on packaging for Kellogg’s Coco Pops.

The new Coco Pops packaging is emblazoned on the front with the banner, ‘Loved by kids. Approved by mums.’

Mr O’Connor, who is the founder of campaign group Fathers4Justice, went into Asda, Peterborough, with Robinson today to protest about the packaging by dumping packs of Coco Pops onto the floor before pouring milk on them as he asked shoppers to ‘dump’ Coco Pops and boycott the brand.

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Father-of-three Matt OConnor, 51, and Paul Robinson, 56 staged the protest in Peterborough Asda

The duo filmed the incident and broadcast it on Facebook before security escorted them to a backroom and police were called.

Mr O’Connor said he was horrified when he saw the packs while shopping for cereal for his son Archie.

He said: “My son Archie is a fan of Coco Pops but we were horrified when we bought a pack recently to see it said it was approved by mums only.”

“Why are fathers like me excluded from brands like this?”

The scene of the protest in Asda

"This is cereal discrimination by Kellogg’s who have dumped dads. Now we’re going to dump Coco Pops.”

“This father-free cereal sends a sexist, dangerous and harmful message that dads are irrelevant in the lives of their children.”

“Kellogg’s and Asda should immediately apologise to fathers and re-sticker every pack to read ‘Approved By Mums & Dads’.

“In the meantime Archie and I are calling on other parents to boycott the brand.”

Father-of-three Matt OConnor protesting outside Asda in Peterborough today

O’Connor had also been contacted by dad David Maxwell, 46, from Hamilton, Scotland.

Mr Maxwell said, "I was angry when I saw there was no mention of dads on the packaging when there are a lot of single dads out there.

"If it said it was endorsed by parents that would be fine. If they changed the word ‘mum’ and replaced it with the word ‘father’ or a minority group or religion there would be outrage.”

Fathers4Justice say that too retailers are guilty of prehistoric gender stereotyping and deliberately exclude fathers from their branding and marketing.

Fathers4Justice have previously called out Asda for sexist Christmas cards, Mothercare and sexist M&S labelling.