Police appeal for dash cam footage after hunting hound run over and killed on A14

Police are appealing for dash cam footage after a hound was run over and killed on a dual carriageway while allegedly chasing a fox.

The hound being used by the Fitzwilliam (Milton) Hunt, which is based in Peterborough, was killed on the A14 near Thrapston on Saturday.

Photo taken from the scene by the North Cambs Hunt Sabs

Photo taken from the scene by the North Cambs Hunt Sabs

Saboteurs claimed the hound was chasing a fox when it ran across all four lanes of the westbound carriageway, before being fatally struck as it turned to go back to the huntsman.

It died at the scene was and pictured being carried away.

The hunt said it was pursuing “legal activities”. A spokesperson said: “The Fitzwilliam (Milton) hunt can confirm that one hound went onto the A14 and was killed in a collision with a car. The hound was killed outright, the car driver was not injured and we thank her for her sympathy and understanding after this most unfortunate accident.

“The hunt was pursuing legal activities near Thrapston. Two hunt staff were deliberately impeded by five or more hunt saboteurs, with one member of Hunt staff almost being pulled from his horse by a saboteur grabbing his whip.

A photo from the hunt. Photo: North Cambs Hunt Sabs

A photo from the hunt. Photo: North Cambs Hunt Sabs

“The police have been informed and attended the scene.”

A spokesman for the North Cambs Hunt Sabs said they had no idea about a member of hunt staff almost being pulled from his horse. He said the saboteurs are “non-violent” and that the hunt was “trying to deflect attention”.

Cambridgeshire police said on Saturday evening it had not received any calls about the incident.

However, this afternoon Northamptonshire Police has confirmed it is looking into the death.

A spokesperson said: “Northamptonshire Police received reports of a number of hunt hounds loose on both carriageways of the A14 near Thrapston.

One of these dogs was involved in a collision with a car on the westbound side and was sadly killed.

“Traffic officers attended the scene along with colleagues from the ambulance service, and the road was fully reopened by 12.52pm.

Officers from the Rural Crime Team are investigating whether any criminal offences were committed.”

The spokesperson added: “Investigations of this nature can be lengthy and time-consuming. To help us establish the facts of what happened we would like to hear from any eye witnesses, and especially any drivers who have unedited dash cam footage which may be relevant to our investigations.”

Anyone with information about the incident, or who has dash cam footage to submit, is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101 stating incident 203 of December 8, 2018.

It was made a criminal offence in England and Wales in 2004 to hunt down and kill a wild mammal with dogs.

However, pursuit of live animals has been replaced by trail hunting, which sees hounds and riders follow a pre-laid scent along an agreed route.

Theresa May had wanted to give MPs a free vote on whether they wanted to bring back fox hunting before abandoning her pledge.

The Fitzwilliam Hunt and saboteurs have clashed previously.

In April a Fitzwilliam huntsman who was in charge of a pack of dogs which killed a fox was fined after being convicted of breaching hunting laws.

Moreover, in November a High Court judge barred opponents of foxhunting from trespassing on land used by the Fitzwilliam Hunt after the hunt took legal action.


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