Pharmacist who showed beheading video to children attempt to radicalise is jailed

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A pharmacist from Oundle who showed a beheading video to a young child in an attempt to radicalise them has been jailed.

Zameer Ghumra “brainwashed” two primary school-age youngsters, instructing them to not have non-Muslim friends and asking if they wanted to join Islamic State or help recruit others.

The 38-year-old was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court of disseminating “terrorist propaganda” in the form of a graphic video on his mobile phone between January 2013 and September 2014.

Ghumra, who worked in Oundle but lived in Haringworth Road, Leicester, was sentenced to six years in prison, and was given a 15 year notification period under the Counter terrorism Act 2008 at a hearing on Friday.

Sue Hemming from the Crown Prosecution Service said: “The CPS case was that he intended to radicalise them in the hope that they would go on to be involved in terrorism.

“The children were brave to give evidence and we would like to thank them for helping to secure this conviction of a dangerous man.”