Peterborough woman shone laser pen at police officers in cars

Peterborough Magistrates' Court
Peterborough Magistrates' Court
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A Peterborough woman who shone a laser into the eyes of police officers as they were driving has been jailed.

Tracey Maples (32) of Meadenvale, Peterborough, was locked up for eight weeks after admitting pointing the laser pen at motorists near the Bridge Street police station between August 13 and August 18 this year.

She was also given an additional 14 weeks in prison for breaching a suspended sentence, meaning she will serve 22 weeks in prison.

Maples sobbed as she was led away to the cells at Peterborough Magistrates Court yesterday (Wednesday).

Another woman, Kirsty Mills (22) of Greig Walk, Corby, who also admitted shining the pen, will be sentenced at a later date after reports are carried out by the probation service.

Giles Beaumont, prosecuting, said officers travelling in and out of the police station’s car park were dazzled by the pen. He said at least one member of the public had also been affected.

He said: “No laser pen was ever found. The pair said they had thrown it into some bushes, but despite a search , it was not recovered.

“Both made admissions in interview.

“Maples said she did not think of the consequences of her actions, and showed remorse in police interview.”

Mr Beaumont said Maples had suspended sentences for causing criminal damage at a bus station, and for making nuisance calls to the Cavell Centre in Peterborough, after she made 78 calls in one day.

Rebecca Keogh, defending, said: “She has entered a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity, and made full admissions at the police station. She felt remorseful, and felt she had to admit what she had done.

“She does suffer from a number of mental health issues.”

But District Judge Ken Sheraton said: “This is a dangerous offence, shining a light into motor vehicles.”

Both Maples and Mills pleaded guilty to causing a public nuisance.

Mills will be sentenced on September 30 at the court.