Peterborough woman says she could have been killed after loose horse collided with her car

Police at the scene of the accident
Police at the scene of the accident

A woman has said she is lucky not to have been killed after her car collided with a loose horse in Peterborough.

Ann Norman was driving along the Old Lincoln Road in Northborough at about 11.45pm on Friday when the collision happened.

Ann suffered injuries to her neck and hip in the crash, while the horse had to be put to sleep because of the injuries it suffered.

Today Ann said: “I was coming home from my daughter’s on the road to Newborough.

“Some cars were dipping their headlight - but one car, with round headlights, did not dip them.

“I slowed right down as a result.

“It was pitch black, and all of a sudden, the horse appeared, and hit my windscreen.

“I rang 999, and flagged a couple of motorists down.”

Ann said she was worried a similar accident could happen in the future, with more severe consequences, as a number of horses are kept by the side of the road.

She said: “I don’t think that road is safe to use at night.

“If it can happen once, it can happen again.

“If the horse had come through my windscreen I could have been killed. It was a big horse, and if it had been thrown and landed on my car’s roof, I could have been crushed.

“Someone could be killed.

“My car, which was the only way I could get out of the house, has been written off. It was my lifeline. I suffered soft tissue damage to my neck and hip.”

Cambridgeshire police are now appealing for information about who owns the horse.

A spokesman said: “We were called at about 11.55pm on Friday (16 August) with reports of a loose horse, which had been hit by a car on Lincoln Road, Northborough.

“Officers attended the scene and called an emergency vet for the horse, which had been badly injured. It was put to sleep at the scene.

“If you have any information or have lost a horse from the Northborough area please call 101 quoting incident 637 of 16th August 2019.”