Peterborough woman caught red handed trying to give phone to partner in prison

Lincoln Crown Court
Lincoln Crown Court

A Peterborough woman was caught red handed as she tried to pass a mobile phone to her partner in Lincoln Prison

Shannon Slater attracted suspicion when she embraced the man while visiting him at the Greetwell Road jail.

Luc Chignall, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court today (Fri) “Miss Slater was visiting her partner. An officer observing the visiting area on CCTV noticed what he described as an embrace between Miss Slater and her partner and suspected an item had been passed over. It was picked up straight away.

“The prisoner had not even got back to the holding area when he was stopped and Miss Slater was stopped immediately.”

Slater,(22) , of Chaucer Road, Peterborough, admitted a charge of conveying a phone into prison as a result of the incident on 23 September 2017. She was given a seven month jail sentence suspended for 18 months with a rehabilitation requirement of up to 20 days.

Michael Cranmer-Brown, in mitigation, said that Slater is due to give birth in early September.

“She has severed her relationship with the prisoner and does not intend to resurrect it.

“She has serious mental health issues. She is a vulnerable young woman.

“ It is perfectly plain that she was heavily under the influence of this particular individual who is strongly linked with crime.”