Peterborough water park closed due to traveller encampment

Bretton Water Park
Bretton Water Park

The Bretton Water Park has been forced to close today after staff were intimidated by travellers.

The park, in Flaxland, Bretton, is a popular spot for families during the summer holidays.

However, Peterborough City Council have confirmed the park will be shut today after an unauthorised travellers encampment was set up in near-by Heltwate.

A council spokesman said staff at the park were intimidated by the travellers yesterday, and the park was shut on health and safety grounds.

Legal proceedings have started to move the travellers away from the site. A section 78 notice, giving the group 24 hours to leave, was issued at 3.30pm yesterday.

It is not the first time the water park has had to close as a result of an unauthorised encampment, with similar issues reported in 2015.

The council spokesman said the travellers were a different group from those who pitched up outside Peterborough Crematorium earlier this week.

That group moved on yesterday afternoon.